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"This is the first time I have a clear understanding of Elliott Wave theory. Your explanation and the way you pointed out the characteristics of each wave is so beneficial."

-- Ka Seong, viewer's feedback

Now You Can Use Elliott Wave Analysis to Improve Your Trading... Even If You Are Not Willing To Spend Time to Master It!

  • Here's how you can use Elliott Wave analysis in your everyday trading without the support of a technical analyst.
  • Discover simple ways to apply Elliott Waves to see the rhythm of the market, and trade accordingly for high profits and low risks.
  • The knowledge of Elliott Waves in these videos alone can boost your trading results -- we haven't taught you to become a wave counting expert yet!

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In this 2-part "Using Elliott Wave Analysis in Your Trading" video series, you will learn...

  • How Elliott Wave analysis explains market movements. The next time when you look at your chart, you'll be able to intuitively predict the large market trend, the appropriate price action to take, and when the market will reverse.
  • How you can identify multiple opportunities to enter trades while other traders only see one or two. (No matter what time frames you are trading: 5-minute, 1-hour, 1-day, 1-week, 1-month..., you can take advantage of this newly acquired skill.)
  • How to use Fibonacci to pinpoint the beginning of trend and the end of trend. By spotting them, you will be better equipped to get ready for the next large market move, and take positions before the rest of the market does.
  • Wave 3 is the most powerful wave in a trend. Here's the secret to entering and exiting your trade at the right timing during Wave 3 to max out your profits. (Once you understand this secret, you can apply it to make profits from other waves too!)
  • You're usually advised to stay out of the market when the sideways consolidation is in progress. Can you make money by trading sideways, or must you wait? (Hint: Elliott Wave analysis allows you to trade at any phase of a market cycle.)
  • All markets tend to move in accordance to the "5 waves up, 3 waves down" order, and each wave has its distinctive personality. What do these mean to your trading? (Hint: It tells you when to ___ and where to place your stop losses.)
  • Why setting stop losses based on how much you're willing to lose is ill advice? What is a wiser way to do that -- using what you learn about the market patterns captured by Elliott Wave analysis?
  • Are you able to make sense out of the wave counts provided by other technical analysts, and verify their validity? (There are only 2 things you need to learn to do these. After this lesson, you can stop blindly following what other technical analysts tell you!)
  • REVEALED: 4 high-probability setups that you can immediately apply to trade the trend or end of trend. Real trade examples show you how.
  • REVEALED: A "sneak peek" of a clever strategy that lets you reap the results of Elliott Wave's precise analysis without having to master the complicated wave-counting skill. (We call this "counting the waves without counting the waves".)

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