The “Market Map”: A Simple Roadmap to Anticipate Market Direction, Locate “Profit” Zones, and Rule Out Everything Else (A.K.A. Risky Patterns)

In this training, Jody reveals a powerful yet simple approach that will help you get the “Big Picture” of the market, a good sense of where the market is going and sentiment.

With this, you’ll GET IMMEDIATE CLARITY and know exactly what types of trades to look for, what types to avoid, and where to find them. With this “Map”, you’ll never be lost again.

This “Market Map” has helped Jody for the past 30+ years build her successful trading career, and TODAY, it can start doing the same for you!

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As soon as you enter your email, you’ll learn:

  1. How to read the “Map” to “get the pulse” of the market and know what to expect every trading day.
  2. The structure of market cycles, and investors’ behavior. This is key to start building a promising “Watch List”.
  3. The Trader’s Roadmap for Making Trades. Why every cycle is traded differently and what that means for your trading.
  4. Market Overlays: This transparent map helps you reconfirm your trading idea. Use this and you’ll weed out a lot of “bad setups”.

Yours Free, The “Market Map” Training: Get the Big Picture and achieve CLARITY to trade with absolute confidence.

This “Market Map” was taught to me more than 30 years ago when I was a young and ambitious trader starting my career on the powerful JP Morgan FX trading desk.

Since then, this “Map” has been my most valuable analysis tool, the one I’ve used over and over to build strategies and trading plans, and the one I owe a good part of my trading success.

And TODAY, I want to pass it to you as a gift.

In a world of Automated Bots, High-Frequency Trading, and where a new “shiny object” and “Guru” appear every day promising you to make you rich (and “quick”)...

I still consider this Market Map the fastest and most accurate way to get a good sense of market direction and behavior, the first step to spotting the high-probability setups you need to grow your trading account.

When you learn how to read this “Market Map”, you will have immediate CLARITY about what the market could do, what to expect, and a good sense of where it is going…

And that is the most important thing to make money in trading. Don’t you agree?

With CLARITY, you can REMOVE any uncertainty, doubt, and fear you might feel because the “Big Picture’ of the market clearly displays in front of you.

Once you understand it, you will know intuitively what to trade or what not to trade, and you will execute your trading plan with absolute confidence to make consistent profits...

You will immediately discard risky trades and focus only on the real gems.

I really believe that if you learn this Market Map, and you make it your own as I did, your trading results will immediately improve…

After all, most traders fail and leave the market after a few months, and well, after 30 years trading at both levels, Institutional and Retail, I’m still here, so I hope you realize the value in it.

If you’re looking to advance your trading game, just use the form below to tell me where to send the link for instant access…

And I hope to “see” you on the other side, so we can discuss it in more detail...

To your trading success!

Jody Samuels.

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