The Elliott Wave Roadmap Video

A Simple Approach to Using Elliott Waves in your Trading

Viewer’s Feedback: “After 5 years of intensive examination of every chart imaginable, your videos have finally helped the penny drop!!” — Steve H.

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85 responses to “roadmap”

  1. Larry W. Wood says:

    How do you identify the impuluse move that gets you ro the starting point for elliott wave program.


    • Jody Samuels says:

      We have a checklist to find the end of the trend which is the beginning of the new trend. A few things on the checklist are: to channel the trend and once price breaks out of the channel, with a confirmed 123 reversal, the trend has likely ended and the new one started. This is a good question to answer in the VIP webinar! Regards, Jody

    • BarryS says:

      I suggest you use a 8 to 10 period EMA and plot it on the price chart if you use a charting program. Then count the waves and watch the EMA line If you count the waves correctly it will get you in a few bars after the trend change.

  2. solomon odesola says:

    I am not able to get any sound on the video so it has not been useful so far.

  3. Pam Block says:

    Fantastic video. I have a better understanding of Elliott Wave now. I look forward to watching the bonus video now. Thanks!

  4. rob says:

    It may be good but I cannot determine if it is worth it because the video after registering and I receive an email “Here’s your Elliott Wave Video” does not play.

  5. bozo says:

    fantastic video,but i am beginner,to complicated for me.
    thank you very much.

  6. Trevor H says:

    Brilliant. Learned more about Elliott Wave on this one video, after struggling with various
    other presentations.

    • Jody Samuels says:

      Trevor, so glad! I have used Elliott Waves for 30 years but wait until we show you how we make it simple with the Wavy Tunnel! You will really love it. Regards, Jody

  7. Janet says:

    Good video. Thank you.

  8. John Simons says:

    Liked this video very much. Wish many of my trading friends were here to watch it.

  9. Linda M. says:

    Thank you so much for this video- I’m really interested in EW and now have a better understanding of the waves.

  10. Bill says:

    Jody, your instructions are clear and concise. I still feel I need more training but this is a good start. Thx

    • Jody Samuels says:

      Just stick around and sign up as a VIP. As I said earlier, there is so much more to come with the Wavy Tunnel PRO. Regards, Jody

  11. Omar says:

    Great stuff!

  12. Mike F says:

    Very interesting. I’ve study EW some, but this was a helpful little tutorial.

  13. Ken-Tore says:

    Great and informative, and bonus video was Super. Know a little of EW from before, but never really got the hang of all the different patterns. Bonus video cleared up a great deal. Thanx!

  14. prakash says:

    As always its a great pleasure to watch your are a great teacher who makes the subject simple and clear.i am an ardent follower of your videos and teachings. Thank you

  15. john underhill says:

    Thankyou the video was excellent and very well presented

  16. Jesus says:

    Thank you Jody for this awesome video:)

    My question is how do you know the start of a wave 1? Is there some type of indictor or break line that would let me know that a wave 1 had just started.

    Again thank you

    • Jody Samuels says:

      This is what I answered Larry above: We have a checklist to find the end of the trend which is the beginning of the new trend. A few things on the checklist are: to channel the trend and once price breaks out of the channel, with a confirmed 123 reversal, the trend has likely ended and the new one started. This is a good question to answer in the VIP webinar!

      • Jesus says:

        Thank you.
        Wow, Now, I understand. The video has giving me a clear understanding on how it works. This video turn out to be a very valuable tool in getting a grip on how the system works. very clear and to the point.

  17. Tony Groot says:

    Always had a desire to understand E-Wave

  18. Gheorghe says:

    The Brilliant Trade!

  19. Nab says:

    I like it very much

  20. Tony Groot says:

    Hi very interesting but to me most complex nevertheless I have always been interesting in the E-wave application
    Thank you

  21. Peter Guardino says:


    As a beginner learning to trade stocks and options, I have watched countless videos, webinars, and read books, articles, etc. spending hundreds of hours listening to all the guru’s out their.
    Two things I must say about this video:
    1. You have a tremendous gift of being a great Teacher.
    2. This is by far the BEST instructional video I have watched, and I have watched Several dozen.
    I look forward to more.

    • Jody Samuels says:

      I work hard at trying to communicate so that people can understand. It’s not always easy but I ‘m glad you learned from this. I love the energy in your comments and I’m looking forward to having you on the VIP webinar. Best, Jody

  22. Razif says:

    Hi Jody,thank you very much for the very clear and very good explanation on how to use the elliott wave application.


  23. Sarvesan says:

    Wonderful insight into Elliot Wave Analysis. Need to see and study this again to fully understand. Thanks a lot!

  24. Mahendra Brahmbhatt says:

    I saw your entire Video but still I have some kind of complicated I have to see more Videos to better understand about Elliot Waves; I also learn Steve Nisson Candle stick Charting so I am I am more interesting this method.

  25. Mich says:


    your video was awesome, I loved every second of it…I will keep it to see it every week. I am going to sign the VIP to see the bonus. Thanks a ton, you made my week.

  26. Jody,
    I am a big fan of yours and the Elliot Waves / Fibonacci analysis. I have been using it
    for the past year with guidance from both you and Todd Gordon…This combined with
    some serious technical analysis as well has propelled me from a part time trader to
    full time.
    Keep up the great work,
    Raymond S

  27. Dennis says:

    Excellent Video. It makes a lot of sense after watching the Video. It helps to plan before trading. Thanks for your video

  28. Neville Edwards says:

    Excellent introduction for the beginner. Thank you!

  29. Krishnoji Rao says:

    Powerful & impressive presentation by Jody Samuels. By explaining wave counts,extensions,channels.fractal nature of the markets, Fibonacci, & technical indicators,it is clearly shown that it is possible to adopt the objective approach to be on the right side of the markets & to make profits,EXCELLENT !!! BYK Rao,Ph,D.,Pune, INDIA.

  30. hawe says:

    Link to video is broken

  31. Joseph Indiveri says:

    I like the concept but having trouble where wave 2 and 4 ends on the forex market time frames 15 minutes and 1 hour please help me with this

    • Joseph Indiveri says:

      I just found my answer by watching the video again. Wave 2 typically retraces 61.8% and wave 4 23.6% so I will use the Fib for this and enter my trades this way Thanks

  32. Anthony Fernandez says:

    What a great explained video! Jody you make it so easy to understand anyone can learn this. This is the reason I joined your course. You explain everything in Step by Step detail. I just love it! Thank you Jody for this video. What a excellent review!

  33. Razif says:

    Hi Jody,is it possible for me to have a copy of this very informative and valuable video for future reference.
    Thank you.


  34. Geoff says:

    A very lucid presentation and I feel i have now cracked the mystery of the Elliott Wave.
    I look forward to further information as a VIP

  35. Garry says:

    Excellent video! Ms. Samuels covered a lot of material that will help in my trading decisions!

  36. Guido says:

    Thanks Jody, great video. I look forward to listening to your webinar tomorrow. Guido

  37. R Funkichard says:

    Missed 12/5 webinar; is copy available? Is scanner available?

  38. matt says:

    Can this be made more simplified by coding all these rules and stuff together to pin point exact entries and stops for students?

  39. Maria Luisa Cavestro says:

    This video is excellent !
    One question :
    In the 3 rules that not should be broken do you consider the body of the candle or also the wick ?
    For example , sometimes I see wave 1 and 2, then 2 or 3 candles later one candle that only the
    wick breaks 0 line and then closed below the body of the previous candle . In this case wave 1 and 2 are or aren’t valid ?
    Thank you very much.
    Maria Luisa Ca estro

  40. Dr Bill Metler says:

    Jody … as a practicing Elliott Wave counter, I really enjoyed your prescription for ELLIOTT Trading. You covered the basics extremely well, and, as a top level view, you hit the nail on the head. I have made rules for myself and wonder your comment. I read and studied Frost&Prechter book which I assume was pretty strict with Elliott’s book. I now use the daily close for defining “turning points”, eg, wave 2 and 4 on impulse waves and ABC correction waves. There is just too much “froth” sometimes and altho Elliott used “shadows” I just use the Close.

    I am a swing trader and “nailed both sides” of the SubPrime Top and Bottom and now trying to get the TRUMP rally into perspective for a major BEAR market. Would LOVE to see your count on S&P500 ($SPX) daily. I am a VIP and would like the bonus video but dont see active link yet.

  41. Lawrence Schoen says:

    Thank you very much for the video. I see a lot of value in what you’ve shared.


    Great video Jody,came across you a couple of years ago after a recommendation from Scott Schubert. Finally had my “aha” moment a few weeks ago after looking at Michael J Parsons trend and reversal teachings…..And your work compliments everything I’ve seen so far and adds some more “ahas” around stop loss and entries that move a trader from worried to more confident…….. “Thank You” for the gift of knowledge and I will incorporate lots of it into my trading from her forward……I’m also joining the VIP right now…Ollie

  43. Tony says:

    Very interesting and very well presented video. You made a very compelling case to look at the Elliot Wave Methodology for predicting price moves.

    While I expect this will turn out to be harder to put into practice thn it seems from your excellent presentation, I will invest time during the next few weeks to see if I can identify the waves on the waves are on various stock charts. After that I will attempt to determine if I am able to predict where to make profitable investments. Thanks very much for the training video.


  44. Sambo says:

    Thanks Jody. I’ve been following you not as WavyTunnelPro but have taken most if not all the modules in the previous courses. This have positioned me as a grounded trader in so short a period of time. I hope to have the WavyTunnelPro Scanner to complement the knowledge I have of EW which came mostly from your modules videos. I look forward to having the Scanner soon. While commending you for it and the detail training, I suggest you use more and more technology to do analysis-it saves time though it may not be as confirmatory as self manual analysis that you’ve been driving into us. You’ve always emphasized knowledge of EW before their application in trading-thanks for upping this one and we look forward for more.

  45. Neetu Jain says:

    Thanks, Jody, this is amazing!

  46. Lionel Levasseur says:

    Best explanation of Eliott Waves yet!

  47. Gary says:

    Jodi, have you done any work to correlate EW with Fibs? Forgive me if this question has been asked ad infinitum.

    • Jody Samuels says:

      EW targets and retracements are all based on Fibs, as are Harmonic patterns. I haven’t specifically done analysis to see which Fibs apply best to specific market instruments.

  48. simon Y says:

    This presentation, concise and succinct, is the best I have ever seen. This presentation, shows not only the subject matter clearly but also the overall method and overview for successive trading, should not be missed by any trader, new or experienced.

  49. Susan says:

    Very good! Explain very clearly, but it may hard for regular traders to identify the critical spots as 1,2,3 … and A,B,C.
    Thank you very much!

  50. Jody Samuels says:

    Susan, stick with us and you will learn!

  51. Godspower says:

    Thank you for providing such a great insight. Follow the track
    of a fortunate man and you too shall become fortunate.
    says a chinese proverb.



  52. norm says:

    great wave concept.i appreciated the explanation on the extended 3rd wave and 5 wave.

  53. nanoo says:

    I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  54. Tony Groot says:

    Great clarity
    Thank youTG

  55. Dr Bill Metler says:

    This is one of the BEST VIDEOs I have ever seen (my 3rd time). My issue is getting the “correct” count in order to understand the “corrective” pattern. EG, off the Aug Hi on NDX, that was a bear (no pun) to count. Are there “clues or guidelines” for how to do this?

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