The Elliott Wave Market Map Video

A Simple Approach to Using Elliott Waves in your Trading

Viewer’s Feedback: “After 5 years of intensive examination of every chart imaginable, your videos have finally helped the penny drop!!” — Steve H.

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21 responses to “Market Map”

  1. Pam Block says:

    Fantastic video. I have a better understanding of Elliott Wave now. I look forward to watching the bonus video now. Thanks!

  2. Trevor H says:

    Brilliant. Learned more about Elliott Wave on this one video, after struggling with various
    other presentations.

  3. Jody,
    As a beginner learning to trade stocks and options, I have watched countless videos, webinars, and read books, articles, etc. spending hundreds of hours listening to all the guru’s out their.
    Two things I must say about this video:
    1. You have a tremendous gift of being a great Teacher.
    2. This is by far the BEST instructional video I have watched, and I have watched Several dozen.
    I look forward to more.

  4. Powerful & impressive presentation by Jody Samuels. By explaining wave counts, extensions, channels.fractal nature of the markets, Fibonacci, & technical indicators, it is clearly shown that it is possible to adopt the objective approach to be on the right side of the markets & to make profits,EXCELLENT !!! BYK Rao,Ph,D.,Pune, INDIA.

  5. leck says:

    Excellent basic instruction….

  6. Darlene says:

    Excellent video! As much as I realize that price action follows psychology, this is the first time that I am starting to feel the psychology, not just following the next candle to see what happens. I always wanted to know how to be steps ahead of future price. This seems pretty close.

    • Jody Samuels says:

      YES! This is how the psychology presents itself in the price action as illustrated by the Elliott Waves! Terrific! The penny is starting to drop. Come to my Masterclass.

  7. Elliot Wave is still good information

  8. andrew duck says:

    The lady knows her stuff. comprehensive synopsis of EWT
    Using Fib levels to determine elliott wave extensions and targets will provide a rules based approach on when and where to exit for a profit for those who want to keep life simple.

  9. wyna says:

    The elliot wave theory will be of great help in predicting market directions with clear and simple explanation of ms.Jody Samuel now i understand.Thank you. Looking forward for more videos.

    • Jody Samuels says:

      Yes, it’s all about finding market direction and taking those high probability setups which we do so well. Come to the Masterclass.

  10. Barnabas says:

    Dear Jody

    You are a great teacher and coach. This short video says it all. As a former student Wavy Tunnel PRO course I can’t wait for the Webinar later today.


  11. Gae says:

    Thanks for video. I was adept with Elliott wave, but had difficulty to find the 0 point and framing waves in a correct way. There are some variants that needs to consider, first of all to find a trend and then see if is according with this theory. Rather second me someone gets soon frustrated researching the sequence.
    However thank you Jody, your lessons does clarity on many issues inherent this theory

  12. kareem says:

    great video…very specific with clarity indeed.

    thank you ma

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