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Our students confess that by adding this one powerful methodology they were able to increase their ability to identify high-probability and low-risk trades almost effortlessly!

Over the last few years, I began studying Harmonic Patterns and made the third amazing discovery. When I mapped the Harmonic and Elliott Wave patterns together, my jaw almost dropped when I realized how I could precisely pinpoint the end of swing moves.

What's better, I found that I could identify high-probability and low-risk trades almost effortlessly -- Awesome! Without hesitation, I incorporated the Harmonics into my system.

- Jody Samuels

Section IV – Harmonic Patterns (6 Modules)

Module 1 – Fibonacci Overture

From this module, you will get an overview of the Harmonic Patterns, and understand why expert traders trust it to create high probability trade setups, and how it complements the Elliott Wave and Fibonacci... to provide you with a powerful trading system!

A quick revisit of Fibonacci in the context of Harmonic Patterns sets the stage for the rest of Section IV. We'll discuss the concept of the Fibonacci "Convergence Zone" in detail, before putting Fibonacci and Harmonics together.

(This introduction is around 1.5 hours in length... but you don't want to miss this, because you'll learn a lot from it -- and I promise it's interesting!)

Module 2 – Harmonic Chord AB=CD

In Module 2, you will begin the study of Harmonic Patterns. The basic building block, the AB=CD pattern, the XA Convergence, and the alternate AB=CD patterns are introduced. After you internalize this, you will begin to see this pattern in every market and time frame.

Fibonacci and the Convergence Zone are again revisited, now in the context of the Harmonic Chord AB=CD.

Learn also how to plot the AB=CD pattern in 2 steps, how to look for confirmation for the ABCD structure you identify, and how to recognize the Time and Price Symmetry for ideal structures.

Module 3 –The Retracement Pattern Quartet

This short module lays the foundation of Retracement Harmonic Patterns. You will leave with a clear idea of what the Gartley, Bat, Reciprocal AB=CD, and 5-0 patterns are, how they are different, (hint: the key is in the Fibonacci ratios!) and how to plot them. We have several examples to illustrate all these.

Also, pay attention to where the "Stop Loss At" and "Buy Here" are.

Module 4 – The Extension Pattern Suite

Similar to the Retracement Patterns, different Extension Patterns are made when different Fibonacci ratios are applied to the projection and retracement of the "legs". In Module 4, you will pick up all the Extension Patterns: the Butterfly, Crab, and Three Drives Patterns.

Get first-hand experience with them by drawing them yourself according to the instructions in this module. Also, look for where you set your entries and stop losses. Actual trade examples explain.

Module 5 – Wavy Tunnel PLUS Orchestra

In this module, you will have a thorough review of Trend and End of Trend trade setups. You will also see which Harmonic Patterns fit in with the Trend trades and the End of Trend Trades.

Finally, you will develop a blueprint for fine tuning the 6 Wavy Tunnel setups with the Harmonic Fibonacci targets. After this ending module, you will develop a second nature to see the same market with the "Harmonic Pattern lenses"!

Module 6 – Case Study Triad

In Module 6, you will have the opportunity to review and learn from 3 Case Studies. The Cypher, Shark and Android patterns will also be addressed. Become a Conductor in your Trading Business!

What Others Are Saying...

"Reveals the Order Behind the Seemingly Chaotic Market"

As a Harmonic trader, on daily basis, I get to witness first-hand how the rhythm of the market is in sync with the "mysterious" Fibonacci order. The way price adheres to the hidden order (governed by the Fibonacci numbers) beneath the surface of seeming chaos always leaves me in awe.

The Elliott Wave Ultimate System (Wavy Tunnel Pro PLUS Harmonics) is an evolutionary leap in our understanding of this Fibonacci order, because it combines both Elliott Wave and Harmonics and reveals the profound interconnection between these two methodologies. No other trading system has so clearly demonstrated that ultimately, these two methodologies are one.

And the convergence of Harmonics, Elliott Wave and Fibonacci reveals the missing link in our understanding of the Fibonacci order behind market action.

If you want to expand your understanding of the market and take an evolutionary leap in your trading, I highly recommend the Elliott Wave Ultimate course.

- Andre P., Canada

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