Are you ready for a straightforward funding account that doesn’t have overly complicated terms, unrealistic "scaling" plans or arbitrary deadlines, timelines, and other silly rules?

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The approach is simple – Prove you can generate 10%, without losing more than 5% in total, or 2% per day. That’s it. Plan the times you trade, choose your style and select a strategy with over 400 markets to choose from!

Speaking of profits, you keep 75%…

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


I have built one of the most simple and reliable Elliott Wave systems for finding high probability trade set-ups, and I’m so confident in this system that I want to give you the capital you need to succeed. Learn the Wavy Tunnel PRO strategies and build the top habits of successful traders all while trading a funded account.

Why us over the competition? I’ve put over 30 years of my knowledge of Elliott Wave Analysis into our system, and I show you a simple way to count the waves without really counting the waves. It’s a system I’ve used to be profitable for my entire career.

With this opportunity we are inviting you to be a trader, and not just someone who trades. This is for you if you’re ready to follow a routine for your trading day and if you’re ready to learn a system that will help you consistently profit.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


If you’re brand new to trading and not quite ready to pursue trader funding, check out our Wavy Tunnel PRO Accelerated Training & Mentorship Program, which will give you all the necessary building blocks to begin your trading career – did we mention trader funding is included?



Simple Rules.

Don’t lose more than 2% in a day, or 5% overall.
Flatten over the weekend (but feel free to hold overnight).
Always use a Stop/Loss, and generate a minimum of 10% to qualify. Simple!

No Time Constraints.

There’s no pressure – so, whether it takes you 1 month or 6 months is irrelevant.
We only care that you can trade profitably and consistently – we do NOT care how long it takes.
Don’t rush it – Profit is Profit!

75% Profit-Share.

You bring your trading skills, we’ll bring the capital.
You’re doing the work and working hard so it’s only natural that you should keep the majority of profits…
That’s why we offer one of the best splits in the industry – you keep 75%!

Trade Your Own Style.
You’re free to trade as you trade – you will learn several strategies in the Wavy Tunnel PRO Accelerated Training and all we ask is that you flatten over the weekend, and stick within our risk guidelines.
Outside of that: scalpers, swing traders, intra-day – all are welcome!


What can I trade using this system? +

Forex, CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities.

When does my account get funded? +

When you make 10% on the equivalent size demo account you get funded.

What platforms can I use? +

All accounts are opened with EightCap on the MT4 platform.

Are there ongoing fees? +

No, but if you hit the max drawdown on your funded account, you will need to pay $250 for a $25,000 account and requalify by making 10% on the demo account.

Am I able to trade on a mobile device? +

Yes, Absolutely. The EightCap MetaTrader4 has an app for both the iOS and Android platforms, and can be found in your App Store or Google Play Store, respectively. EightCap MT4 also has a high definition app for tablets.

Is there a penalty for inactivity? (on both demo and live) +

Some programs out there do this – we certainly don’t. The only thing we ask is, if you’re going to be inactive for more than 90 days consecutively, do get in touch to let us know so we can organize something.

Otherwise, we will close the account and you will have to start again beyond 90 consecutive days of inactivity

Can I hold trades overnight? What about over the weekend? +

Yes, absolutely to holding overnight. (Just be mindful of gaps, swaps, and commissions)

However, holding over the weekend is super risky. For this reason, we do request that you flatten your positions each weekend.

Are there restrictions on whether I can participate in the program based on where I reside or my country of origin? +

Absolutely not. As we are a privately owned and operated fund, if you are over 18 years of age you are able to participate. Your country of origin or country of residence does not matter whatsoever. Please be advised, you are responsible for knowing/understanding the laws and regulations around leveraged markets trading specific to your local jurisdiction.

What happens if I exceed the 2% daily loss limit or the 5% account loss limit? +

If you exceed either one of these limits, your account will be closed and you will need to re-qualify and pay a reset fee.