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Why do some traders (only 15% of them!) always seem to be making profits day in and day out in trading… while most of the rest (maybe including you?) struggle to survive — or even lose all their capital within the first year? With this bundle offer we will introduce you to a comprehensive system that will help you grow into an “entrepreneurial trader” who is not only skilled in trading, but also has the winning attitude and habits, and treats trading as a serious business… Don’t you agree that this can move you into the “privileged” 15% winning group?! Take advantage of this never before seen limited time offer!

FOREX Foundation Course: Gold Membership

$299 Value

We begin the course by giving you an introduction to Forex trading. (Seasoned traders — this is a good review for you to revisit some important concepts). You will see…


  • The foundational knowledge in Forex trading. Not sure what are pips, lots (standard lot, mini lot and micro lot), currency pairs, spreads, base currency… and so on? It takes you only 45 minutes to get familiarized with the foundational concepts! After which, you will have no problem talking with professional traders and understanding most Forex training materials.
  • As a dedicated trader, this is what you need to do every single day, every single week, and every single month to achieve success in trading — no excuses. (Traders in professional investment firms are doing this.)
  • How much capital do you need to start trading in Forex? (You really just need a minimum amount of money to get started. Do you know that unlike stock investments, you don’t need $100,000 to trade $100,000? Find out about this from the lesson on “leverage”!)
  • Why do major financial institutions like banks, wealth management firms, investment corporations, central banks in the world, hedge funds managers… all trade Forex? And why should you do so too? (Forex trading is said to offer “above average returns” compared to the stock market. You want to benefit from it too!)

And there are tips to help you become an exceptional Forex trader, including:

  • How to avoid trading with emotions. (This is one of the top reasons why traders fail). You will learn to execute your plan with laser focus — fear and anxiety have no place in your trading!

And lessons on various trading strategies…

  • Do you know there are trading strategies for 4 different types of market price action? Which one should you apply in your trading? (You will find out about each of them in the course. You don’t need to learn them all — just choose one or two that resonate the best with your personality.)
  • Why highly successful event-driven traders do not only use fundamental analysis? Timing is a key factor to success for them, so how do they make sure their positions end at the right time — not prematurely or delayed? Can you emulate this for your own profits?

Not forgetting, basic fundamental analysis knowledge for Forex is also covered. For example:

  • What do you need to understand about the economic model of supply and demand? Can you guess what happens when the European Central Bank increases/decreases the interest rate, or spending in the Euro Zone increases/decreases? (This simple knowledge will help you sniff the effects of news from around the world on the market, and trade accordingly.)
  • What do stock market indices like S&P, Nikkei, CAC, DAX, FTSE… tell you about today’s Forex market? How do they affect your daily trading decisions?

And much, much more!!!

Elliott Wave Desk Full Access

$75 Value (Renews Monthly)

Wave counts:

  • Daily analysis on 20 different Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodity and Stock Index markets providing the clear context to spot the best setups and make pips week after week EUR/USD - GBP/USD - AUD/USD - USD/JPY - NZD/USD - USD/CAD - USD/CHF - EUR/JPY - DJIA - S&P500 - NASDAQ - Russell - DAX - FTSE - 10 YR US BOND - Dollar Index - GOLD - OIL – BITCOIN – ETHEREUM
  • Daily Report with Elliott Wave Analysis on Daily - 4 Hour and 1 Hour Charts
  • Daily Elliott Wave HD Video

Trading signals

  • (NEW) Trade Ideas - SMS or Telegram

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Course: The Next Wave

$499 Value

Includes:Module One: The Birth of BlockchainUnit 1 How did Blockchain come about?

Unit 2 What is Blockchain?

Unit 3 Why is it called the next Internet?

Module Two: Bitcoin: The First Blockchain Application

Unit 1 Bitcoin Explained

Unit 2 The Evolution of Money

Unit 3 History of Bitcoin - cool facts

Module Three: Drilling Down on the Blockchain

Unit 1 How the Bitcoin Blockchain works

Unit 2 Introduction to Ethereum

Unit 3 Investing in Blockchain Companies

Module Four: From Forex to Cryptocurrencies

Unit 1 Navigating the Cryptocurrency craze with our SMART Roadmap

Unit 2 The Fundamentals of other Popular Cryptocurrencies

Unit 3 Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrencies with our SMART Portfolio

Module Five: Let’s Get Started

Unit 1 Buying your first Bitcoin

Unit 2 Buying Other Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins)

Unit 3 Setting up the Wallet

Appendix: Key Crypto Resources

Total Value of $873 TODAY only $199 for All 3 Services

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Refund policy: AThe Elliott Wave Desk Full Access will renew automatically at $75/month, but you can cancel at any time. The courses are final purchases, no refunds will be granted.

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