Wavy Tunnel PRO Ultimate is 30 Years in the Making

Find Out How You Can Apply This Elliott-based Trading System to
Generate Profit Over and Over Again
In All Market Cycles, on Any Time Frame...

...without becoming a wave counting expert!

(Traders claimed repeated successes and reported greater profits in first week!)

Take a look at this picture – the cornerstone of the Wavy Tunnel PRO Trading System – This is your chance to finally grab hold of a method that has the ability to allow you to achieve your dreams of making consistent profits trading any asset class.

This is a complete system and method that has the potential to afford you the financial freedom you have always dreamed of.


30 Years in the Making, a Chance Meeting, and Some Good Luck!

This all started back in the early 1980's when I was one of the first female Interbank British Pound Forex traders out there.  I worked for JP Morgan and traded the GBP/USD quite successfully during the period when the currency moved from 2.40 to 1.05 and back to 1.60.  One of my colleagues was the Elliott Wave Analyst on the desk, providing daily WAVE COUNTS and technical analysis to the traders.

Today this same analyst makes millions a year to provide Elliott Wave Analysis to institutional traders. His Daily Commentaries based on solid wave counts help thousands of traders globally make money. After meeting with him for lunch one day, I finally realized that most retail traders do not have the skills to succeed. The success that I saw first-hand and the PROFITS that were generated were a REAL LIFE testimonial to exactly how profitable a solid wave counting strategy could be.

I and my peers made millions by following waves into large moves that generated consistent large profits.

Fast track to the late nineties,  where I attended a Las Vegas Trading Conference called TAG, where all the trading giants taught.  I was on a mission to take the level of trading I once knew at the bank to my new office and trade my own account to the same amazing level of success.

At the Conference, I learned from many trading gurus and began studying with Bill Williams who taught me all about the Awesome Oscillator and how it could be applied to Elliott Wave analysis, giving traders the ability to track waves without being a wave count pro. Fast forward five more years, I ventured into the online trading community to “see what was out there in the retail world of trading”.  So while sitting in an online webinar, I heard the presenter talking about various set-ups and noticed that these set-ups he presented were actually Elliott Wave set-ups.

However this webinar had nothing to do with Elliott Wave – I just happened to notice that the set-ups he was pointing out so closely evolved into these powerful Elliott Wave moves – it was amazing! On the flip side, I also noticed that with a little Elliott Wave knowledge, his trades would be so much more profitable! Without hesitation, I contributed my effort to teach Elliott Wave Analysis, and the Wavy Tunnel with an Elliott Wave context was born.

This was the beginning of my quest to bridge the gap between the BIG BANKS and the INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR and finally piece together the components that would make up the Wavy Tunnel trading methodology and allow the individual investor to use the same Wave Counts BIG BANKS use to make millions in an easy to follow rule based system.

Only Professionals Trade at this Level

The Wavy Tunnel system has evolved and takes advantage of the waves that pay consistently.  What you will learn in this series of videos and live webinars will allow you to trade at a level reserved for institutional traders.

If you trade according to reasonably accurate wave counts you separate yourself from the pack immediately.  When you go long or short according to Elliott Wave counts, and use a top down approach, you improve your odds dramatically because you see the big picture.

The question you must be asking is, “How do I trade like a professional and how do I include wave counting in my analysis if I am not an Elliott Wave expert?”   Keep reading because you’re about to see a methodology so powerful that IT WILL ALLOW YOU TO…

Pinpoint Elliott Wave Set Ups and Wave Counts Almost Automatically at Your Desk, on Your Own.

Before I developed the six Wavy Tunnel trade setups I would struggle with my timing in getting into trades. It's one thing to be pretty sure about wave counts, but it's entirely another to turn that information into a trigger entry, and a stop. It's even harder to forecast possible outcomes, and be prepared for every possible scenario.

I found that even with 14 years sitting next to some of the top Elliott Wave analysts in the world, I had a difficult time turning my intermediate level wave counting into a system I could trade.

I knew how powerful it was to know where the wave counts were on a few time frames to nail the big moves, as I had done it for years, but without my “analyst” at my side I thought I had lost my Elliott Wave edge.

To get that edge back I decided to hit the books and study all I could about Elliott Wave Analysis and developed The Elliott Wave Series which included so much of what I had learned over many, many years. Creating that course helped me internalize all that I had heard my entire bank trading career, only now it was coming from me. Then one day, it all came together when I was involved in an online trading room, looking at some charts on the screen that screamed out, "This is your Elliott Wave Chart Setup!" That one fateful day made the connection in my brain between Elliott Wave Counting and the Elliott Wave Chart Setup that led to the Six Wavy Tunnel setups.

What I became keenly aware of that day was that there were a handful of setups that put it all together in my mind.  With all that knowledge and information a method for trading was instantly born that could point out these set-ups so simply that anyone could do it. The Wavy Tunnel was born to trade the market cycles on any time frame for any market.

The gap between the Big Banks and their huge dollar profits and the individual investor was bridged!

A Wave Counting Methodology for the Individual Investor

After successfully trading this system I decided to offer it to the individual investor to see if my theory was true; that an average trader could take this system and successfully identify Elliott Wave type trades and profit from them. People were extremely successful from all walks of life and trading any asset class!

I firmly believe that this methodology will work as long as there are human beings trading the markets. The Wavy Tunnel system relies on the masses, just the same way that Elliott Wave theory does. Finally, a way to "count the waves" is developed without really "counting the waves!" And, it is through the Wavy Tunnel Methodology that the individual investor can finally count the waves!

Wavy Tunnel PRO with SCANNER

Fast forward to today, and the Wavy Tunnel PRO is born, complete with a SCANNER. For years our students asked for software to go with this powerful Elliott Wave system. We listened to our subscribers and responded with the Wavy Tunnel PRO SCANNER! The Scanner scans 36 currency pairs, 30 CFD’s (commodities, indices and interest rates) and 100 stocks to find trends, Wavy Tunnel PRO style!

With the technology available today, automating and scanning for setups was a natural progression for this powerful methodology. Even so, I still insist that you learn the setups first because I was never in favor of black boxes. Here is how you will benefit from the Wavy Tunnel PRO.

The Wavy Tunnel PRO system gives 'the rest of us' (you included!) the advantages that previously only big banks enjoyed.

With this system, now you can:

  • Apply the Elliott Wave analysis to accurately predict the market trend moving direction and take the correct price action -- without the need to become an Elliott Wave expert.
  • Use Fibonacci (an integral part of the Elliott Wave analysis) to estimate how far the market is moving up or down, so that you know the right position size to take based on the stop loss level and profit targets.
  • Map the SCANNER onto your trading platform analysis in pinpointing market reversal points. This way, you can buy or sell with the correct timing, and confirm your decision before pulling the trigger.
  • Expertly spot the setup, enter the trades, set the stop loss, and take your profits... by following the robust Wavy Tunnel PRO strategy.

No other traders have the same edge as you do. In fact, the Wavy Tunnel PRO system lets you trade at the same level as the big banks! (Doesn't the thought of how much more profitable your trading can become make you thrilled?)

This edge is made available to you by our signature program -- a course that introduces the Wavy Tunnel PRO system to you!

The Many Benefits of Trading a Method Strictly Reserved for Professionals

  • Your confidence in your ability to identify profitable trades will soar because you will see the BIG picture.  This is the first step in making a killing trading.
  • Refine the skills necessary to spot these potentially high profit moves before they happen.
  • You will learn to foresee all possible outcomes and determine, in advance, a good starting point for your trade, as well as a contingency plan when you’re wrong.
  • You will use my "top down approach" to asset classes enabling you to go where the money is – trading only where there is a high probability of profits.
  • You´ll learn how to look at a chart and know instantly whether or not a trade-able opportunity is on hand.
  • You will discover some tricks that are built right into the system that allow you to use your longer time frame to hone in on where the money´s at right now! (This takes all of 10 seconds and will pinpoint what time frame you need to be on – if you prefer longer term triggers then you will know to just sit tight and wait.)
  • You are going to learn to trade mechanically.  “1,2,3 I’m in 1,2,3 I’m out”.  This is what’s required to make consistent profits; an emotionless approach to every trade, while gravitating to the big wave moves.  (Which you´ll learn to identify in advance.)

Who Is The Wavy Tunnel PRO For…

The Wavy Tunnel PRO Ultimate Program is for you if you are…

  • A trader who wants to have a robust system to generate consistent cash flow
  • An ambitious trader, who wants to refine a proven approach to help reach your full trading potential, OR
  • A trader who needs a system to grow or manage your retirement portfolios in stocks and ETFs.

Whether you are still "green" in trading, or you are a seasoned trader who already has years of experience in the bag, you can benefit from this program...

If you are a new trader - This course will help you to establish a working trading system right from the beginning of your trading journey. Throughout the course modules, you will pick up tons of interesting concepts that will be useful not only in the context of Elliott Wave analysis, but also to support your overall trading life.

If you are a seasoned trader - You might already have established a trading strategy or system. The Wavy Tunnel PRO strategy adds a new lens for you to see your trades. This can help bring your profitability to a new high while lowering your risk. (You don't need to change the way you trade. Use this as an overlay to increase your chances of success in your trading!)

And no matter whether you are trading currencies, CFDs, options, futures, or stocks... The Wavy Tunnel PRO is a powerful system for you to use.

The Team Behind This Program
(Who Promises To Go All Out For Your Learning Success)

Behind The Wavy Tunnel PRO, you will find a team of veteran traders and professional coaches who will support you on every step in your learning.

These are the experts who hold your hand through your learning journey through webinars, and clarify your confusions through e-mail, Skype and/or phone. It is the closest you'll get to one-on-one coaching (minus the hefty fee!)

Your learning success is guaranteed with our support.

Introducing to you your team of friendly Elliott Wave experts...

Jody Samuels

Jody has traded the markets for over 30 years, and has coached over 2,000 students to achieve success in trading. She has incorporated Elliott Wave analysis since the beginning of her institutional trading career, and promises that Wavy Tunnel PRO is truly the ultimate trading system.

Juan Maldonado

Juan is considered one of the best EW strategists in the industry. He runs the EW Counting Service and the end of day Stock Analysis room and provides precise wave counts on many markets with stunning results for traders in the Wavy Tunnel PRO Program. Traders love Juan’s daily and weekly wave counting videos.

Neil Bradford

Neil, a management consultant for much of his career, has been trading for over 10 years. Neil uses Elliott Wave analysis as a roadmap but is an expert at using the Wavy Tunnel PRO to guide his analysis and entries and exits. He has coached many traders to trading consistently with confidence and runs the NY and LDN rooms several sessions per week.

READ THIS (IMPORTANT): Serious Commitment Required

As much as we would like to take in as many students as possible, because of the extensive support we provide and the limitation in our resources (for one, we only have a few staff on our team), we can only open the course to a limited number of traders.

So we require that every trader who signs up is a committed student.

We want you to immerse yourself in the course, make full use of the materials and facilities we provide (including the support from our trading team and the membership forum), and put what you learn into practice -- in fact, practice, practice, and practice.

If you cannot commit to do so, this course is not for you.

But if you are determined to bring your trading skills to a higher level and change the way you trade forever, you must sign up for this course now --

Not later, not tomorrow, not the next time when you remember to come back to this website... but NOW. This is your chance to do something to vastly improve your trading skills, and a way to show your commitment to become an accomplished trader. Sign up now.

Absolutely No Risk To Try This Amazing Method

Still a little unsure? Sign up anyway!

We are so confident of the results this course will bring you, and that you will be thrilled with your learning, that we are willing to offer you a No-risk 4-week 100% Money-Back Guarantee, as follows:

It is important for us that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Work with us for 4 weeks, immerse yourself in the course materials, learn the Wavy Tunnel PRO system, and put it into practice.

If you are not completely satisfied with our ground-breaking program, just contact us within 4 weeks to ask for a refund. All you need to do is meet with a coach and show us that you’ve taken 10 demo trades following The Wavy Tunnel PRO system exactly as we teach it. We do not cover any traders who “do their own thing” and do not follow the system we teach.

Because the Wavy Tunnel PRO material is copyrighted intellectual capital and advanced strategy training, this material is for personal use only – you may not share this with anyone or in any public forum.

So what’s stopping you to try the program? Click the button below and jump right into the course:


We look forward to working with you! This program is intended to be paced as fast or slow for your lifestyle, with our "learn as you can" approach. You will have unlimited access to our online course materials and webinar recordings. Plus a year's worth of potentially actionable trade ideas, trading rooms, daily videos, and community access. We are here to help you reach your trading goals.



Jody Samuels and The Wavy Tunnel PRO Team



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P.P.S.     Rave reviews have been rolling in since the launch of the Wavy Tunnel PRO. Here's one that describes how our program transformed the trading life of a student forever.

To quote Isaac verbatim, you're now at the front door of success forever. It's not often that traders are presented with such an opportunity to acquire a winning edge: Most might sniff it when it arrives, but only those who are committed to success will turn that knob and walk in… (while the rest will just stand and watch).

As has Isaac so aptly said, "This is your destination." You are responsible for your own success.

Click the button below to sign up NOW. We will see you at the top.

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