Wavy Tunnel PRO 2024
5-Day Accelerated Trading and Mentorship Program with Jody Samuels – STARTS
June 2, 2024

Join Jody Samuels’ flagship trading program and learn her personal system to achieve your goals in any market.

Hi, I’m Jody!

And becoming a trader has been the BEST professional decision I’ve made in my life.

I first traded currencies with JP Morgan for 15 years in the cut-throat interbank market.

And then, still passionate about the business, I became an independent retail trader, just like you... loving every minute of what I do.

How did I manage to succeed and stay in the game for over 30+ years?

Well, I always worked hard and was humble to learn from the RIGHT people.

I got mentors… I learned systems, methods, and “approaches” from all of them.

But more importantly, I learned how to think independently. Become self-reliant.

And now I’m paying back, and I’d like to share everything I’ve learned in my journey with you.

Since 2006 I’ve trained and coached more than 2,000 students with my own proprietary trading strategy…

And if you allow me, I’d like to teach you my personal Trading System for succeeding in any market, any asset class, and no matter your goals or background in life.

Are you ready for the challenge?

The Wavy Tunnel PRO 2024 Class
Is an “institutional-level”, 5-day accelerated
trading and mentorship program…

Where you will learn and implement the same system I’ve used for 30+ years…

And not only that, I’ll stand by your side through the whole process.

But the WTP 2024 Class is much more than just information and support…

It’s my commitment to you: I’ll do everything possible to help you reach all of your trading goals.

How This Mentorship Will Help You Succeed

I’ve included in this Training and Mentorship Program everything you’ll need to learn how to read the markets, including (This is the 30,000-foot view):

  • Jody...That’s me! I’ve been a trader for over 30 years, an educator for more than 15, and if you allow me, I would be honored to be your instructor and mentor for this accelerated program.
  • My hand-crafted institutional-level trading curriculum is designed to speed up the learning of my proven strategy so that you walk away with a consistent, robust trading system in under a week.
  • BONUS: Access to my Student Trade Analysis Mastermind Sessions made up of 11 Trade Review and Analysis Sessions, to help you reinforce, internalize, and apply with confidence everything you learn.
  • Our Private Community where you can find support from our team and your trading colleagues, and reach out to me any time you have a question through our Forum and Discord Channel.
  • Personal Attention. ALL traders are different, so I limit the class size to make sure I can give you all my attention to succeed with this program.
  • Extra Perks. I have a few other extra Bonuses to enhance your learning experience, but I’ll tell you more about them in a minute 😉

“The Wavy Tunnel PRO strategy has what I've always been looking for, namely, clear, defined, understandable and consistent rules that are not complicated to learn. Even people who have never had anything to do with the stock market can learn these strategies quickly.”

Christian Z., Czech Republic

Course Curriculum
What are you going to Learn in this Program?

The Wavy Tunnel PRO Accelerated Training

This “institutional-level” trading program is the direct result of decades of career, and now I make it available to traders to help them succeed.

I carefully developed each section to cement your knowledge step by step, leveraging the whole mentorship experience with live Q&A sessions every day of the accelerated training.

Section I

Elliott Wave Series and Fibonacci

This is the “Market Map” you need to kickstart your analysis, get a good sense of where the market is going, and more importantly, do a top-down approach to get market context.

Fibonacci is an analysis tool to predict with better accuracy the extension and/or contraction (retracements) of the market cycles. This helps with estimating entry levels and profit targets.

Section II

Wavy Tunnel PRO Strategy

My personal “portfolio” of genuine trend and end of trend setups, the set of indicators that refine your analysis, and the strategy to trade them in every market cycle. (The Wavy Tunnel allows you to Count the Waves without being an Elliott Wave Master!)

Section III

Harmonics Analysis

Harmonics is the icing on the cake to filter the most valuable trading “gems” in the markets. When Elliott, Fibonacci and Harmonics converge we gain more confidence as traders to trigger the trade and find profit targets.


Wavy Tunnel PRO Price Action Trading

This course includes: Institutional Candlestick Classification, a segment on Market Structure, Trade Entry Patterns, and WTP Trade Setups with Price Action Alignment

Live Q&A and Mastermind

Access to Live Q&A and Student Trade Analysis sessions made up of trade review and analysis.

“The best thing about the Wavy Tunnel PRO strategy is that it allows you to understand where the market will move next. By knowing this you can start planning your entry, stop loss and exit zones. The system’s reliability and accuracy is astonishing!”

Marius S., Lithuania

The Wavy Tunnel PRO is the culmination of my life’s trading work. It’s a comprehensive trading system designed to help you trade with the odds in your favor in any time frame, market and/or asset class.

It goes from the “Macro” picture to the “Micro” picture (Top-down Approach), narrowing trading opportunities until you are left only with “gems”, the only ones you should trade.

Section I - Elliott Wave Series and Fibonacci (My “Market Map”) - 6 Sessions

Session 1 - Elliott Wave Trends

You will learn the “structure” of a trend, the market cycles, and what we call the “Impulsive” pattern, one of the trader’s best friends when it comes to trading trends.

Session 2 - End of Trend and Reversal Patterns

No trend lasts forever. You will learn a step-by-step approach for determining the End of a Trend.

Session 3 - Elliott Wave Corrections

You will learn how to identify and trade “Corrections” to increase your chances of success, as well as to anticipate the next trend move after the correction.

Session 4 - Price Action and Validating Trades

You will learn how to “feel the pulse” of the market that comes from the “price action”, as well as an approach to validate the trends you have identified with your Elliott Wave analysis.

Session 5 – Elliott Wave Labels

We develop a color-based nomenclature to help you label the waves. A common question is, “How do I start the wave labelling process?” In this session, we show you!

Session 6 – Fibonacci

Fibonacci tools are very handy to use when projecting wave corrections and impulsive moves. In this session, you learn how to use the retracement, extension and expansion tools for corrections and trend projections.

“The in-depth learning experience can be as simple or complex as you want. If you feel the need to get deeper into Elliott Waves which I do, it is fascinating.”

Adam B., UK

Section II – Wavy Tunnel PRO Strategy – 11 Sessions

Session 1 - Introducing the 6 Wavy Tunnel setups

You will learn the SIX main Wavy Tunnel PRO setups within the context of market cycles that you have already learned with Elliott Wave Theory. Every setup is ideal for a specific phase of the market cycle (i.e. trends, corrections, and end of trend), so you will know when to trade, increasing your chances of success.

Session 2 - Drilling down into the four BO trade setups

From the SIX Wavy Tunnel PRO setups, there are FOUR that are ideal to trade on uptrend and downtrend. We call them BO-1, BO-2, BO-3, and BO-4. You will learn how to enter and exit every trade, how to determine realistic profit targets and stops losses, and how to assess if the setup is worthwhile to trade based on its risk/reward profile.

You will learn how to enter and exit every trade, how to determine realistic profit targets and stops losses, and how to assess if the setup is worthwhile to trade based on its risk/reward profile.

Session 3 - Drilling down into the two end of trend setups – PW and FG

In this session, we unveil a couple of setups that are ideal to trade in what we call the “End of Trend” phase. We call them Price to Wave (PW) and Fill the Gap (FG) setups. Same as we did with the trend following trades, you will learn how to spot the setup, trigger the entry, set the stop loss, and take your profit, highlighting entry points and various exit points.

Same as we did with the trend following trades, you will learn how to spot the setup, trigger the entry, set the stop loss, and take your profit, highlighting entry points and various exit points.

Session 4 - Wavy Tunnel review with checklists

In this session we review the Wavy Tunnel Setups so that you continue to internalize them. The checklist makes it easier to understand the requirements.

Session 5 – Trade Management and Multiple Time Frame Analysis

You will learn: The Multiple Time Frame Analysis technique (i.e. 4-hours, 1-hour, 15-min), to confirm ‘genuine’ high probability setups, and FOUR trade management strategies, each of them ideal for different levels of risk tolerance and experience. And finally, the “Three Profiteers Method”, a special trade management approach that we use to take profits at various levels.

Session 6 – Three Profiteers trade examples, Candlesticks, Money Management and 123 Reversal

Warren Buffet said, “Risk come from not knowing what you are doing.”, and this session will add a new layer of “clarity”, so you remove undesired risk in your decisions.

Session 7 – Advanced Wavy Tunnel PRO Part 1

After setting a solid foundation with trends, market cycles, and Wavy Tunnel setups…We start refining our analysis with the use of technical indicators that improve entry and exit points, “bullet-proofing” the quality of these setups.

Session 8 – Advanced Wavy Tunnel PRO Part 2

Trading only the best possible setups is the path to increase your chances of success, namely protecting your capital. (This is what will help you stay in your trading business for as long as you want.)

Session 9 – More on Divergence and Wavy Tunnel Cheat Sheets and Trade Plans

Here is where we start putting it all together...You will get detailed trading plans for ALL of the SIX setups, including your entry point, stop loss, and profit targets...as well as learning how the “risk-reward ratio” of trades impact your overall performance.

Session 10 – Using the SCANNER

Learn how to scan Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies using a top down approach from the Weekly down to the 5-Minute chart.

Session 11 – Taking Advantage of Repeatable Patterns

Learn several repeatable patterns with clear trade entry criteria. After this session, you will be ready to pull the trigger...You will be crystal-clear about what to trade, when, and how, gaining the level of CONFIDENCE you need to trade the market.

“Once you master the simple concepts of using the Wavy Tunnel PRO strategy, combined with the advanced indicators, you can make more accurate high probability trades each day resulting in more profitable trades.”

David. P., UK

After learning Elliott Wave analysis and the comprehensive Wavy Tunnel PRO System in Sections I and II, you will have a Comprehensive Foundation on which to start trading in your business. You can now start trading your strategy and kick-start your trading business.

However, for those of you who want to take your analysis to the next level, especially if you are experienced, you can move on to Section III to study Harmonics Analysis. This section adds a new layer of analysis that you can study only when you are ready. My advice is to get good at Sections I and II first.

Section III - Harmonics Analysis - 6 Sessions

Session 1 - Fibonacci Sequence, Expansion, and Contraction

Fibonacci helps you predict with better accuracy market cycle expansions and contractions - how far a market movement can really go -through the use of the Fibonacci sequence and ratios. Also, Harmonic Patterns use certain Fibonacci ratios that will be presented here.

Section 2 - Harmonic Chord AB=CD

You will begin Harmonic Pattern study with the basic building block, the AB=CD pattern. Learn the details for plotting the AB=CD ideal and alternate patterns and looking left for confirmation.

Session 3 - The Retracement Pattern Quartet

You will understand the background behind the Retracement Patterns. You will apply Fibonacci Ratios to find Retracement Pattern Price Targets in the Convergence Zone. Learn Details for plotting the Gartley, Bat, Reciprocal AB=CD and 5-0 Patterns. Draw out Patterns with Examples.

Session 4 - The Extension Pattern Suite

You will be able to distinguish between the Extension and Retracement Patterns. You will apply Fibonacci Ratios to find Extension Pattern Price Targets in the Convergence Zone. Learn Details for plotting the Butterfly, Crab, and Three Drives Patterns. Learn to see these patterns in the context of the 6 Wavy Tunnel setups.

Session 5 - Case Study Triad

In this session, you will have the opportunity to review and learn 3 additional Harmonic Patterns. Become a Conductor in your Trading Business!

Session 6 - Harmonic Trade Plans

These Trade Plans combine Harmonics with Elliott Wave and Fibonacci principles, with the Wavy Tunnel PRO system overlayed to find accurate trades.

After you internalize these patterns, you’ll see them showing up in every market and every time frame, over and over again, having more opportunities to find your trades.

“Prior to learning the Wavy Tunnel PRO, I was jumping around many systems and methods and trying to cobble some of them together. The Wavy Tunnel PRO removed that effort and organized a very good trading system that is not hard to follow and execute.”

Robert H.B. MD, USA

After teaching and mentoring over 2,000 students from all paths of life, for quite a few years…

I’m convinced that the best way to learn is by combining theory and practice together, live classes and discussions + real live trading practice...

So for the first time ever, I’ve decided to add to my usual Wavy Tunnel PRO Classes, a good number of dedicated Live Trading, Trade Review, and Q&A sessions, which will be part of a much more exclusive and practical trading program called:

The Wavy Tunnel PRO Mastermind

This accelerated intensive 5-day program is designed to help you put together all the pieces through live Q&A, Trade Review and Analysis, and Live Trading Rooms and Video Analysis. Real practice in place!

Live Trading Component

Live Trading Rooms and Daily Wave Counts 

This is where you see my team scanning, analyzing, and trading the markets following the framework provided by the Wavy Tunnel PRO system.

The whole idea is to internalize the concepts with real live practice at every stage of the learning process, but in case you might also want to trade with us, we do suggest you take only a small position for learning purposes.

As you follow the method, you will realize how you start REMOVING uncertainty and gaining CLARITY, until the point you are capable of trading with CONFIDENCE.

Live Q&A & Trade Review

Several Live Q&A and Trade Review Sessions

Behind The Wavy Tunnel PRO, there is a team of traders, educators, and coaches who will support you every step of the way.

Learn from dozens of live trade examples – the before, during and after review, using the Wavy Tunnel PRO strategies.

We’ll hold your hand through your learning journey and clarify your doubts during the training, trading, and live Q&A sessions with Jody, and/or through our premium concierge support.

Our Private Community

Have a question, need help, or simply want to share ideas with fellow traders?

Members of the Wavy Tunnel PRO class get direct access to our Learning Portal, Forum and Member Discord Channel, where they can ask and get directly in touch with Jody (me!), Neil, and other fellow traders in the community.

Access my expertise anytime you have questions, doubts, or need guidance.

Find training recordings, course updates, worksheets, & other resources.

Stay connected to the rest of your class for motivation and support.

Grow your “Trading Family”. This is essential to your success over the long term.

“Highly reliable service that trains you to be profitable in the art of trading. Learning and participating is the sure-fire way to get everything from the Wavy Tunnel Pro system, so do yourself a favor!”

Gary G., FL, USA

Who is the Wavy Tunnel PRO Program For?

This program is for anyone who wants to learn and trade with massive CONFIDENCE, same as a seasoned “Institutional” Trader does…

For anyone who wants to run a professionally managed Trading business, no matter their level of experience, financial goals, and/or preferred asset class, including:

Minimize the expensive trial and error most novice traders experience when they get introduced to the markets.

This Strategic Program will put you light-years ahead of most of the pseudo-traders (gamblers) out there, and will dramatically increase your chance of success and staying there over the long-term.

This Program is perfect for trading pros who want to continue improving their game.

The Wavy Tunnel PRO adds a robust strategic foundation to your trading business and a new lens to see trades. I’m sure you know only one little adjustment to your trading can mean the difference, so this could be yours.

No matter your preferred asset class, the Wavy Tunnel PRO System will be the secret behind your success, as it has been for me over a 30+ year career.

It’s easy to get in the overtrade trap, not to mention trading tempting setups that often fail.

What you will learn in the Wavy Tunnel PRO program will help you trade selectively.

If you are looking for a system to manage your retirement portfolio over the medium-long term, there is no better system than the Wavy Tunnel PRO.

I can assure you that after you learn this system, you will never approach any investment opportunity, the same way.

What else are you getting?

Bonus # 1:

Immediate Access to our Flagship Wavy Tunnel PRO Recorded Course

After the 5-day Accelerated Training Sessions (taking the best of the recorded course content with up to date examples), you can review the original Wavy Tunnel PRO videos on your own time to gain valuable insights.

VALUE $1,597

Bonus # 2:

Wavy Tunnel PRO Mastermind

I told you about this bonus before. It’s priceless when you compare it against the VALUE you receive. It can transform the way you trade forever.

VALUE $2,597...

Bonus # 3:

Wavy Tunnel PRO and Elliott Wave DESKS + NEW ELITE Tools - Free Trial beginning after training

We run a recurring membership program where we generate trading ideas, provide daily wave count videos with actionable trades and run trading rooms during London and NY market hours. You will get to test-drive these services, so you stay connected to our community and see how to practically apply the setups in a live trading environment.

  • Wavy Tunnel PRO Trade Setups and Trendline Scanners for Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
  • Radar Screen (dashboard) with built-in trade alert system
  • 4 LDN and NY Trading and Analysis Rooms per week
  • Daily Wave Count Videos on 38 markets
  • Trade with Confidence videos with Actionable Trades
  • Psychology Podcasts

Value $188/Month

From a Wavy Tunnel PRO member with us for the last 8 years…

P.S. The Scanner is really awesome. I have been adding the Semaphores and Bungees to my trading with really good results so far. I was always a price action trader, did not like too many indicators, but these really do help. This is light years away from any other Scanner and system I have ever seen.

Randy B., Florida

Bonus # 4:

Recordings of ALL 5-Day Accelerated Wavy Tunnel PRO Training Sessions


Bonus # 5:

Recordings of ALL Wavy Tunnel PRO Mastermind Trade Review Sessions


Bonus # 6:

Course Manual


Bonus # 7:

Special Guide: A Day in the Life of a Successful Forex Trader


Bonus # 8:

Special Guide: A Day in the Life of a Successful Stock Trader


Bonus # 9:

1-on-1 Coaching Session with Jody


Bonus # 10:

Special Guide: Becoming an Entrepreneurial Trader - The Process





(75% Profit Share)




















$25,000 Funding

Wavy Tunnel PRO

Elliott Wave

Wavy Tunnel PRO Strategy

NEW! Wavy Tunnel PRO Price Action Trading


4-Day Accelerated Training


1-month Scanner
Tool with Trading
Room and Wave










$50,000 Funding

Wavy Tunnel PRO Course

Elliott Wave

Wavy Tunnel PRO Strategy

NEW! Wavy Tunnel PRO Price Action Trading


5-Day Accelerated Training


2-months Scanner
Tool with Trading
Room and Wave










$100,000 Funding

Wavy Tunnel PRO Course

Elliott Wave

Wavy Tunnel PRO Strategy

NEW! Wavy Tunnel PRO Price Action Trading


5-Day Accelerated Training

Unlimited Retakes

Lifetime Scanner
Tool on 2 Platforms
2-months Wave Counts


Wealth Builder's Roadmap

3 Private Coaching
Sessions with Jody





  • Lifetime access to WTP Accelerated Training session recordings
  • Participation in FX Trader's EDGE Trader Funding Program (Trade a funded account in Forex, CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities no matter where you reside).
  • WTP Mastermind with Trade review and Q&A Sessions
  • Access to Wavy Tunnel PRO and Elliott Wave DESKS (Includes new scanner tools)
    • BO-1, BO-4, and Trendline Scanners for all asset classes and time frames (Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptos)
    • Radar Screen (dashboard) with built-in trade alert system
    • 4 LDN and NY Trading rooms per week
    • Daily Wave Count Videos on 38 markets
    • Trade with Confidence videos with Actionable Trades
    • Psychology Podcasts
  • Course Manual
  • Three Special Training Guides:
    • A Day in the life of a successful FOREX Trader
    • A Day in the Life of a Successful Stock Trader
    • Becoming an Entrepreneurial Trader

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We want you to immerse yourself in the course, make full use of the materials and facilities we provide (including the support from our trading team and the membership forum), and put what you learn into practice -- in fact, practice, practice, and practice.
If you cannot commit to do so, this course is probably not for you.

But if you are determined to bring your trading skills to a higher level and change the way you trade forever, you must sign up for this course now.

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